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Tips of Lanzarote

If you are going to Lanzarote on holiday, I have already listed several tips for you that you should take into account when you go on holiday to Lanzarote.

Because where is Lanzarote and what is the climate like on Lanzarote and what are the places to visit on the island of Lanzarote? I want to try to answer the most frequently asked questions for you on this page.

La Geria.

Lanzarote location

Lanazote is located about 100 km off the coast of Morocco and is part of Spain and is the most eastern island of the Canary archipelago.

What language is spoken?

Because it belongs to Spain, the language of communication on Lanzarote is mainly Spanish. But tourism also allows you to make yourself perfectly understood in English.

How can I pay in Lanzarote?

The means of payment on Lanzarote is, just like in Spain itself, the Euro, so you do not have to take into account exchange rates or whatever in advance.

It is also possible to withdraw money with your Maestro bank card at the local ATMs. Check the website of your bank in advance to see if you do not need to give separate permission for this before you can pin here.


Can I drink the local drinking water?

Yes, that’s possible. The water does have a distinct aftertaste, but you can drink it. If you have a weaker stomach, we still recommend that you buy bottled water, which are available all over Lanzarote and that will prevent your holiday from being ruined by stomach complaints.

What’s the weather in Lanzarote?

The weather is generally above 20 degrees, in the summer the meter goes well above 30 degrees and during the winter months you should expect temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees.

Because the rainfall on the island is minimal, Lanzarote is also called a wintering island because you can still enjoy a pleasant temperature here during the winter.

Charco de los Clicos.

Can I reach anywhere with my phone and how does this work?

The range of your mobile phone is generally good, but you have to take into account a few weaker reception points on Lanzarote, especially on the remote points of the island.

Can I call 112?

Yes you can, if there is an emergency, the telephone number 112 on Lanzarote can be used just like in the Netherlands, for example. With English or of course Spanish you can then call in the help of the local emergency services.

Is it true that I can shop here tax-free?

Due to the separate status within the European Union, it is true that you can purchase certain things much cheaper on Lanzarote than in European countries, keep in mind that this means that the rules for taking cigarettes and drinks with you are just the same when you go on holiday to a country outside Europe and that there is therefore a maximum.


Can I smoke anywhere?

Just like in Spain, the smoking ban on the Canary Islands also applies, this means that you are not allowed to smoke anywhere. It is of course allowed outside and on some terraces etc.

Do I still have to deal with a time difference?

Yes there is a time difference with Central Europe. It is always 1 hour earlier than it is in the Netherlands, both in winter and summer time, so keep this in mind.

Papagayo Beach.

Is there Naturism on Lanzarot?

Even if no special beaches etc. have been assigned with a nudist beach or naturism as destination, it is still possible. For this you have to be in certain places like Playa de Papagayo or one of the southern beaches around Orzola. You can sunbathe topless everywhere, just like in Spain actually.

Do I need a passport or is a European identity document sufficient?

Since Lanzarote belongs to Spain and also to the Eurozone, a European identity document is sufficient to enter the country. Keep in mind that your ID must be valid for at least a few more months and therefore will not expire in the foreseeable future.

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