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Tips about Driving on Tenerife

After a drive from Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife to Playa de la Arena near Los Gigantes in the south west via Icod de los Vinos and Santiago del Teide threw up a few little ‘quirks’, it seemed like a good time to share some more tips.

Here are some of the drivers we encountered:

The Considerate Driver

You often come across banana trucks on Tenerife’s country roads – a clockwork toy could take the hills faster than these old dames of the road. But the first chance they get they’ll often pull into the verge to let the traffic behind them get past.

There is, however, a downside to some considerate drivers. Recently in El Tanque above Garachico, we were stuck behind a minibus travelling at 30kph. Every few yards it stopped to let passengers out. When he did, he gave a little beep of the horn to let the cars behind know that the road ahead was clear, and each time a few escaped.

When our turn came, the same thing happened. He stopped, beeped his horn and we pulled out… nearly hitting a motorcyclist head on. This time his beep hadn’t been for us; it was for the motorcyclist waiting to emerge from a side road the mini-bus driver wanted to turn into. His helpful beeps weren’t quite as helpful as they seemed.

Similarly, if anyone waves for you to pass, makes sure the road is clear – we’ve had drivers do this on blind corners.

The Person Who Doesn’t Like Corners

For anyone trying to get from A to B quickly via country roads on Tenerife this driver can be a nightmare. They’re so nervous of corners that they come to almost a complete stop to negotiate each one.

They also hit their breaks constantly, usually for no reason, forcing you to do the same. I replace break pads every two years because of them. Their most annoying trait is that when the road does finally straighten out they accelerate like Lewis Hamilton, so you’ve no chance of ever getting past them.

Do it this way around and car arguments will become a thing of the past…plus life on Tenerife’s roads will be a lot easier for the drivers of other cars.

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