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This is a Canarian Malagueña

Here we leave you a video piece of the performance of a Canarian folk group from Gran Canaria performing a malagueña. A Canarian Malagueña.

The Canarian Malagueña is a dance style accompanied by singing that is interpreted in the Archipelago and that, according to specialists, is an air in which the Canarian folia melts and a type of Andalusian fandango, typical of Malaga (Andalusia, south of Spain). In the Islands, it has been known since the 17th century, although it seems to take its local form in the 18th century.

The Canarian Malagueña, like the Andalusian fandango, is danced in pairs and stroller steps are combined, well visible strokes throughout the piece and cares, face clashes between the couples.

The Canarian version is more leisurely and, so to speak, sweeter. And, in the Canarian Malagueña, the simultaneous dance of five or six couples is combined, forming some characteristic figures, similar to the isa of the Canary Islands, huddles, the so-called braids and even tunnels that are organized between the moving couples.

There is a circumstance that the most recent Canarian malagueñas have pointed to a more pronounced slowdown in the steps and musical tempos that have little to do with the oldest Canarian malagueñas that were more lively.

The themes of Malagueña are very sentimental. In them, love is sung to mothers and felt losses. The Malagueña from Canary Islands have different ways of interpreting according to each island.

That said, here is a sample of Canarian Malagueña.

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