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The Real Lanzarote Uncovered

Lanzarote has been welcoming foreign tourists ever since the package holiday industry first started up in the early 1970´s. Proving popular thanks to a classic combination of breathtaking beaches and incredible weather.

However Lanzarote can offer visitors much more than just sand and sun alone. Thanks to the fact that development here is carefully controlled – leaving the bulk of the island largely untouched.

Like some of the other Canary Islands there is a north-south divide in evidence on Lanzarote. With the south home to the main tourist resorts whilst the north is more the preserve of the locals.

A bi-product in part of the weather – as even on a small island such as Lanzarote there is a considerable difference in temperatures and climate conditions between the north and south.

Lanzarote for independent travellers

The last decade has seen more independent travellers visiting the island alongside package holidaymakers. Thanks to the fact that flights and accommodation can now easily be booked direct online, creating a demand for rental properties – such as Lanzarote holiday villas and apartments.

Which are now booked by visitors from countries such as the UK and Eire in preference to hotels and all inclusive holidays. Especially in the islands largest resort – where many holiday villas in Puerto del Carmen are often booked up throughout the year.Details about villas in Puerto del Carmen can be found online in Canary Islands destination site.


Outside the large resorts in the south there is an unspoilt island with a strong agricultural past. A well as loads of off the beaten track attractions. All of which are best explored by booking a car and heading out on tour.

Village of Haría

To connect with the real Lanzarote just drive to the north of Lanzarote and stroll around the incredibly picturesque village of Haria. Which also plays host to a great market every Saturday morning. Haría has been described as the prettiest village on the island – if not the world. And whilst the former is true the latter is something of an exaggeration.

Although Haria is a real gem as it is very green and verdant whilst the rest of Lanzarote is arid and dry. A phenomenon that is not all down to Mother Nature as locals here continue to follow a tradition of planting a Canarian palm for every newborn baby in the village. No wonder it has long been described as the Valley of 1000 Palms!

Haría is just a ten minute drive from the seaside village of Arrieta and it´s delightful beach, Playa La Garita. Which is the last undeveloped stretch of sand on Lanzarote´s south eastern coastline. Head here for a great lunch in one of the restaurants located right on the beach.

Hiking in the Haría area

Half-Day Botanical Cliff Hike in Haría

“Traveling is the answer, no matter the question.”

Sergio Suárez, Canary Islands destination.

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