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The painter’s doubts

The canarian painter Antonio Padrón (1920-1968) repudiated most of the thirty paintings he completed between 1960 and 1963.

Antonio Padrón

The origin of this amazing personal posture was a consequence of deep self-criticism. Result of his sincere conviction that the way he expressed his art was not valid.

In those years, informalism triumphed in painting. An artistic current that privileged abstraction and led Padrón, a markedly figurative author, to consider that his painting was out of period, that all his years work was anachronistic.


Anyway, Antonio Padrón tried to take that part of the informalism he admitted, which was related to the production of works of art with found objects. Years later, the canarian painter remembered those paintings as pure entertainment.

The time spent on them and the thoroughness of the work seem to totally deny it. Antonio Padrón was not able to express his discomfort in the face of doubts that caused him not to feel identified with the currents of art of his time.

All the art of this painter, including his doubts on canvas, can be seen in the Casa Museo Antonio Padrón.

Antonio Padron’s Museum

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