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The Cuisine of the Canary Islands

Characterized by simplicity and freshness the cuisine of the Canary Islands could surprise the visitor’s taste with its imaginative specialties: fish, rabbit meat prepared in salmorejo sauce, carne fiesta and lamb and goat stews are only a few mouth-watering examples.

The basis of Canarian cuisine is a variety of fresh vegetables; fruit and fish, generally light meals, more easily to digest in a warm climate.

Superb cheeses, a great variety of different kinds of honey and traditional cake and dessert-making will astound you together with the incredible quality of excellent wines from grapes grown in the rich volcanic soil and with a centuries old tradition. The fundamental product is gofio, a uniquely Canarian creation.

As a roasted mixture of wheat, maize or barley, gofio takes the place of bread in the traditional Canary diet. It is added to many foods and also to warm milk as a drink, as well as made into a dough-like food called ‘pella’ and eaten alongside meals.

The most common Canarian contribution to the dinner table is the ‘mojo’ a spicy sauce made from coriander, basil or red chili peppers. This sauce has endless alternatives and is used to flavor everything from chicken to cheese.

Canarian Cuisine

Papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) are perhaps the next-best-known dish. They’re small new potatoes boiled and salted in their skins usually served with chicken. They really come to life when dipped in one of the mojos. Of the many soups you’ll find, one typically Canarian variant is potaje de berros (watercress soup). Other typical Canarian food is ropa vieja (“old clothes”), a dish of chicken and beef mixed with potatoes and beans.

A sweet pleasure is bienmesabe which mean in Spanish ‘Tastes good to me’. It’s a paste made from grounded almonds, lemon rind and eggs. It’s served as a dessert, nowadays sometime with cream or ice cream.

Another typical Canarian meal could be a local fish split open and cooked. It is served with Canarian potatoes and green mojo sauce, preceded by a salad including bananas, coriander leaves and avocado.

‘Puchero Canario’ hearty chick pea vegetable stew made of pumpkin, cabbage, sweet potatoes, pork and beef.

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