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Teide Facts | The absolute top of Tenerife

I want to share some interesting Teide facts so that you are encouraged to visit the peaks of the island of Tenerife.  Worth it!

Teide National Park in Tenerife is the most visited tourist attraction of the Canary Islands. The park is set inside an enormous crater at the centre of the island.

Teide Peak,

More Teide facts. Mount Teide raises from an enormous volcanic crater of 48 km in perimeter dominates a bleak and sun-baked volcanic desert. You can get down to the volcano by a cable car taking you 200 meters from the summit. With a pre-arranged permit, you can also walk up to the very mouth of the dormant volcano.

From the top of the Teide Peak, on a very clear day, the observer have breathtaking views of four islands: Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. There are also several hiking trails with challenging climbs clearly mapped for tourists.

Red tajinaste 

The park is also interesting for its flora especially in May or June when the Teide violet provides a scattering of color, while the 2 meters high Tajinaste Rojo blooms with beautiful flowers. A only east–west road crosses the park with numerous stops providing views of the park and access to walking routes that allow a closer look at the scenery.

You will need several days to discover all the beauties of this park and our holiday homes in Tias provide you exactly the right accommodation suiting your needs.

Pico Teide in winter.

Roques de García

A great hike in the centre of the Teide National Park circles around the bizarre and twisted Roques de García, a line of huge rocks that serve as a reminder of the erosive forces that shaped the park. Formed from magma, Los Roques are volcanic trenches solidified into walls of stone.

Much harder than the surrounding rock, this cooled magma has kept his form while the softer surrounding material eroded away The biggest attraction of Los Roques de Garcia is the unusual shaped red rock called Cinchado. This 27 meters high solitary rock pillar looks impressive.

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Parador del Teide.


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