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Sailing in Canary Islands. One option that leaves no one indifferent is to travel to the spectacular Canary Archipelago in a maritime boat. There are multiple options depending on the style and pocket of the traveler.

The perfect option is to rent a boat in Tenerife itself. But if you have your own boat in some of the nearby ports, you can leave from the peninsula without any problem.

The largest island in the Canarian archipelago is Tenerife, to which some five million visitors arrive each year who enter through one of its two busy international airports, without counting those who arrive by sea.

The good weather that dominates all year round, its riches and natural landscapes and a wide range of outdoor activities, have made it very popular and preferred among the most sought-after tourist destinations around the world.

sailing in canary islands
Sailing in Canary Islands.

Visit Tenerife by boat

The human warmth of the islanders, an extensive hotel offer when you do not want to sleep on board, delicious and varied cuisine and a carnival considered among the first in the world, have positioned it as a great option for vacationing.

Two world-class commercial ports

In Tenerife there are two commercial ports: one located in Santa Cruz, which concentrates the traffic of cruise ships and ferries that connect mainly with Gran Canaria and the Peninsula; and another located in Los Cristianos, which gathers traffic between the islands.

A paradise for fans of sailing

Tenerife is one of the famous islands of the Canary Islands archipelago off the west coast of Africa and a paradise for sailing enthusiasts and a good place to sail, as there are many marinas in the region that offer a full range of services. The marina of Santa Cruz, also known as the Atlantic Navy, is one of them.

Sailing around Canary Islands.

Marina in the center of Santa Cruz

This port has a very good location in the center of the city of Santa Cruz. This has made it very popular among fans of sailing and it is close to the port of the city. Also very close to the services for tourists who they rent boats, like the repair shop and the service station.

Your exact location

The exact location of the marina is north of the Muelle de Los Llanos, the southernmost part of the port of Santa Cruz and an old fishing port called D√°rsena Pesquera, with the entrance to the port open to the south. The coordinates of the marina are: 28 ¬į 28.6 ‚ÄėN 16 ¬į 14.1‚Äô W.

The port access

To enter you have to go through the entrance of the industrial port, cross it all and head towards the small entrance to the marina that is to the starboard side. Entry to the port can be difficult only when the wind is blowing from the south, as it can kick high waves into the port water.

Sailing in Tenerife.

The dream vacation on an unforgettable island

The ideal alternative is offered by a vacation in the Canary Islands sailing along the coasts of Tenerife to disconnect from stress and spend unforgettable days.

For families, for adults only and different services. For groups or demanding couples. Groups that want relaxation, comfort and enjoy the natural charms of the island. Such as the relaxing beaches, routes and trails in the mountains, different water and outdoor activities. And a myriad of tourist attractions that complement the stay.

Top tourist attractions

Cliffs, sandy beaches of different colors, trails and routes for hikers and trekkers that wind between rugged mountains. And wonderful natural landscapes with a mild climate all year round. The sunsets by the sea are highly valued by tourists who enjoy the bucolic marine charm. As well as walks and hikes through lush forests and bathing and marine sports on its beaches with calm waves that invite you to dream.

Puerto de Mog√°n in Gran Canaria.

A unique experience: 21 st century sailors in canarian waters (video)

Sailing in Canary Islands. 21st century sailors in the waters of the Canary Islands. Adventurers of the Atlantic Ocean. Discover the history of this couple of sailors.

Cruising Guide to the Canary Islands

If you are a sailor and want to enjoy the Canary Islands, we recommend this guide for experienced sailors like you. Harbours Canary Islands Guide.

Accommodations in Canary Islands (Booking Map)

Sergio Suárez Benítez

“Arriving by sea to the Canary Islands, to the rhythm of the tides and waves, gives you the perspective of the old sailors.”

Sergio Suárez Benítez. Canary Islands destination.

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