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Routes in Canary Islands

Canarian routes to spin infinite island landmarks

Senderismo en Canarias
Hiking in Canary Islands

The Islands, better, to know them in movement, following the Canarian routes created by the traveling tradition that tourism has woven in the Archipelago, but also by which they have been created around the insular heritage elements.

Fully customizable Canary themed routes, open to exploration, visitor experiences, open to know each island by land or sea.

Hiking trails in the Canary Islands to explore every natural corner of the Islands, literally, step by step. Road routes to discover villages, valleys, ravines, magical and emblematic places, to understand more of the architectural heritage.

Routes to make long or short roads, to see historical centers such as La Laguna or Santa Cruz de La Palma, street by street, style by style, detail by detail.

Canarian routes that invent or recreate to satisfy any curiosity. Viewpoints routes in the Canary Islands to take advantage of the benefits of orography and see the island regions from a bird’s eye view.

Carreteras Tenerife
Road route in Anaga, Tenerife

Routes of bochinches in Tenerife, cycling routes to climb the Teide or the Summit of Gran Canaria, tours through the pre-Hispanic past with which to go back in time between stones and remote customs, routes to discover the Canary Islands by car, on camels or by motorcycle, alone or in a group.

Canary routes to enjoy a unique archipelago, in a unique, close way. Personal.

Camellos Canarias
Route with camels

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