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Roque de la Bonanza: peace whispers in the ear in El Hierro

El Roque de Bonanza is one of the most iconic and representative images of the island of El Hierro. It is everywhere in the souvenir shops of El Hierro, as one of those desktop memories that you choose to place on your bookshelf. The real roque is a mole of black volcanic rock 21 meters high above the water and located a short distance from the coast, no more than 30 meters from the Las Playas road, HI-2. Do I tell you what I think? I think you are taking a lot of time to discover it.

The Roque de Bonanza, for me, is shaped like an animal resting on a rock. I would not know what kind of species and I am surprised that nobody relates it to an animalized figure. Anyway, I don’t think they are my figurations.

More seriously, the Roque de Bonanza is part of the volcanic materials emitted by the Tiñor Volcano, which was located higher up the slope and reached the sea forming lava rivers. Tiñor Volcano is the denomination that receives an original eruptive building of 1.1 million years ago that gave rise to the first emerging portion of the Iron.

The Tiñor Volcano was responsible for one of the twenty mega-plots of land known to specialists on the island of El Hierro throughout its geological history. Tiñor’s say it was a lateral shift. But. that’s another history.

Returning to the theme of our roque, if it has such an outstanding aspect about the environment, it is because, over time, what experts have known as an inversion of relief has occurred. Or what is the same, the natural erosion of the sea has caused that the remains of the materials of the eruption have degraded and disintegrated around it until disappearing, leaving only the breakwater that forms the great rock.

To the curious, I propose to look at the bottom of the beach, on the right, below, at the foot of the road. There you can see remains already dismantled that correspond to the same laundry of the roque and that the swell has eroded. If they are seen in detail, it can be seen that they are part of the structure of the rock.

It goes without saying that, with more time, the Roque de Bonanza will be erased by the same marine erosion, by changes in temperature and by the wind, each in its own time, each in its own right. Never better said.

What is not seen

The rock is a stone’s throw from the road to the Parador del Hierro, as I have told you, it is very evident, but what you will not be able to see is where the huge stone sits. The Roque de Bonanza is perched on a rock platform that falls to 200 meters. Therefore, the rock is more colossal than can be seen with the naked eye.

At Roque de Bonanza, do not lose sight of it if you sign up to visit the viewpoints of El Hierro, conditioned or not, and located in the upper part of the protected area of the Natural Monument of the Beaches, in the area of Isora. Especially, the Mirador de Isora (820 m.).

The area of Las Playas that is at the foot from there above describes an arch with its sea edge formed by boulders that extend along 6.5 kilometers. Impress the perspective from above. I also encourage you to look for those high views.

In the late afternoon, and if you are lucky enough to enjoy a clear day at Las Playas, you can see the Roque de Bonanza and, behind, clipped, the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera. As if to forget the camera.

To get close to the Roque de Bonanza, you just have to leave from Puerto de la Estaca towards Timijiraque, the roque is located 7 kilometers away. In front of him, there is a small sill, a viewpoint-siding, which allows you to park a car and enjoy its view.

Further on, 600 meters away, in El Abra, there is a bar-restaurant (Bohemia Bar-restaurant) where you can snack, drink and eat something for a small fee. Without losing sight of the picture of the Roque de Bonanza, even later, you have the Parador del Hierro, with a cafeteria, restaurant, accommodation with greater comfort and the best views of the Natural Monument of Las Playas. The hostel is seen from the roque.

In the area, you can also find some rural houses, where you can stay independently. 

Check the availability of accomodation here.

Aerial view of the area

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