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No Lycra Required, Pedal Off To Tenerife

A swarm of multi coloured lycra bees flashing past you on a mountain road might put you off cycling in Tenerife but that’s just one extreme. Sports teams often train on the rugged high altitude terrain here but it can just as easily be a gentle family activity.

Vuelta a Tenerife

Santa Cruz takes the lead every year with its Fiesta de la Bicicleta, Sunday 14 November this time, over 5,000 cyclists converge on the capital city centre to ride out along the coast road to San Andrés and back. The good, the bad and the rusty all mingle as they enjoy the scenery on the 15 km pedal. Children are strapped on in special seats, baskets or ring the bell on their own small steeds.

The Avenida de la Constitución has its own cycle lane built into the pavement and this is a growing trend all over Tenerife.

Down south the vastly improved coastal promenades have encouraged cycle hire companies to make this an enjoyable part of a holiday. An 11km stretch from Los Cristianos to La Caleta is due to receive a suitable conversion allowing two wheeled access to some of the best beaches and views.

If wobbling gently along seems too sedate head for the hills and go exploring, there are several mountain bike hire firms that can start you on your way. The local public bus company Titsa are pretty obliging and will often let you load your bike underneath in the luggage hold, as long as there is room.

The warm breeze in your hair as you explore old rural roads can be very inspiring and prepare you for the stiffer task of going uphill.

Back in the cities and towns cycling is a quick cheap way to get around and local councillors are keen to encourage more riders by increasing cycle lanes.

So oil your cogs, put the sarnies in your saddle bag and off you go, there are plenty of roads to explore.

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