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Lanzarote What To See | Discover Yaiza

walk near Montaña del Medio and Yaiza.location: near Yaiza, Lanzarote island, Jan CC BY-SA

Lanzarote what to see. Yaiza is perhaps the most beautiful village in Spain and has already won awards at various travel organizations. Yaiza is a typical village in Lanzarote when you look at the design and architecture.

The town exudes tranquility through, among other things, the white walls and low-rise buildings. Yaiza is further characterized by its immaculate streets, making the appearance of this town beautiful. The white walls and green vegetation, green window frames and clean streets ensure.

It that the election of the most beautiful village in Spain has rightly fallen on this, it is in any case one, if not the most beautiful village in Lanzarote.

Yaiza town.

Worth to visit

Actually, this is already clear to us, if you go on holiday to Lanzarote, a day to Yaiza is definitely worth it. If you like a piece of culture, a beautiful village and the contrast between a picturesque village with an almost extinct volcanic area behind it, then it is also recommended for you to visit the area around Yaiza.


In terms of hotels, there is not much available in Yaiza itself, but in the immediate vicinity you have plenty of opportunities to find a nice hotel, and Lanzarote is fortunately not that big.

If you are looking for a nice sun, sea and beach holiday and still want to be near Yaiza then Playa Blanca is a tip.


Yaiza Accomodations Map


Recommended excursion in Yaiza area

Lanzarote Volcanoes Small Group Guided Tour

Location of the town of Yaiza

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