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Fuerteventura: a magical island

115 km off the west coast of Morocco is Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. You don’t have to be here for mass tourism. Well, for kilometers long and wide beaches where you are not towel-by-towel and a wonderful cooling breeze without air pollution.

The island is a paradise for peace seekers and sports enthusiasts such as surfers.

The tranquility of Fuerteventura.

Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste, or Castillo, is a tourist village built around a dilapidated fortress of which only part of the tower remains. It consists of modern hotels and resorts with apartments and bungalows.

Many small shops, restaurants and pubs with live music. A modern shopping center, an 18-hole golf course and a casino are also included. And all that built around a beautiful bay with wonderful beaches.

Enjoy and something for everyone!

The North and South

In the north towards Corralejo we find a vast, desert-like dune landscape, which is a protected nature reserve.

The vast beaches are beautiful and sparsely populated with sun worshipers. The waves and the wind are ideal for kite surfers, for example.

In the south we find rocks on which the waves break, but also a wide and kilometers long sandy beach at Morro Jable. The waves are much calmer here than in the north.

Sea sports in Fuerteventura.

West coast and Inland

The bare mountain slopes are surprisingly variable in color, often beautiful earth tones. The slopes are populated by little goats who eat everything edible. The island is arid with steep bare hills and mountains.

The greenery we see consists of irrigated palms, cacti and succulents. A small area around the former capital Betancuria, which is located in the middle of the island, is an exception.

On the west coast we find fantastic rocks and here and there a surprising beach with black lava sand.

Why is Fuerteventura so loved by the travellers?

The island is different from others. It is rugged, colorful, quiet, clean and has beautiful beaches.

What can you do on Fuerteventura?

There is something to do on Fuerteventura for young and old. Of course there are the most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the tranquility. An 18-hole golf course, a casino, shops, restaurants and pubs make the stay attractive.

Day trips to nearby islands are possible. But especially the wonderful climate, also in the winter months, makes it very special to have a holiday home here.


Climate in Fuerteventura?

There is a sunny climate throughout the year. In the winter period it is of course dark a bit earlier and the nights are a bit cooler, around 14 degrees.

In summer it usually does not get warmer than 32 degrees and there is almost always a nice breeze. What we find attractive is the pure air. Do you suffer from hay fever due to pollen in Europe? Within a day you will be rid of it on Fuerteventura!

Flights and flight prices Fuerteventura

The flight to Fuerteventura takes about 4.5 hours from Schiphol or Gatwick for example.

The rates for a return flight with Ryanair vary greatly, sometimes per day.

The rates are somewhat higher around public holidays and holiday periods.

Sometimes you can go back and forth for less than € 100, sometimes the tickets are € 300.

“Follow your dreams, they know the way”.





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