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Fly to Lanzarote: An Authentic Volcanic Holidays

Fly to Lanzarote. Lanzarote can be reached by boat or plane, about 94% arrive by plane. There are many airlines that offer flights to Lanzarote and you can choose which airline you like to fly with. There are many flights to Lanzarote and you can easily search by date.

Many people book a complete holiday. But it is often a lot cheaper to just book a plane ticket. If you only book a ticket and look for a hotel, apartment, villa or holiday home on the spot, you will often pay a lot than booking in advance from home.

Arrival in Lanzarote

Upon arrival on the Canary Island you will come into direct contact with the beautiful culture and unique history. From the airport you can easily reach your final destination by bus or taxi and look for a hotel or villa for your holiday.

The range of sleeping locations on the island is large. Depending on the city where you are staying, you have numerous options. Whether you have a small or large budget for your vacation, you can always find an ideal place to sleep.


When you have purchased a plane ticket to Lanzarote, chances are that you will arrive like destination in Arrecife, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca…

The capital Arrecife is one of the largest cities on the island. The city is located in the east of the island and is a central location for tourists who want to go north, south or west to enjoy the holiday.

La Graciosa.

By plane to Lanzarote

Flights to the northern Canary Island depart from many europeans airports. After a travel time of two-four hours you will arrive at the airport and you can use various facilities to arrive quickly at your hotel or villa. At the airport there are numerous bus stops and taxi places where you can travel to your final destination.

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands and is legally part of Spain. The weather conditions on the island are very Spanish. The island is known for its golden beaches and beautiful blue seas that you can enjoy endlessly during your holiday.

Sun, sea and beach are an ideal combination for a nice and relaxing holiday. The beaches around the town of Punta Mujeres are a wonderful destination not to be missed during your vacation. But one of the many other beaches on Lanzarote can also serve as a location to enjoy a great sunset.


Because Lanzarote is an island in the middle of the sea, there are countless possibilities in the field of water recreation.

With a temperature that does not fall below 20 degrees even in winter, the island is a paradise every day to have fun with this water recreation.

Take a seat on the banana boat, go scuba diving or take a boat trip with your partner or family on the endless blue water around the island.

Find out directly where you pay the least for a plane ticket to Lanzarote and leave soon to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Fly to Lanzarote.




Lanzarote Accommodation Map


Reccommended tour in Lanzarote

Fire Mountains, Timanfaya National Park-Shore Excursion

“Investing in travel is investing in yourself”.

Sergio Suárez, Canary Islands destination.

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