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Exploring Tenerife: Canary Islands 🤳🏿

While every one of the Canary Islands has its own natural beauty and splendor to exibit, Tenerife (Canary Islands’ largest island) really does offer something special and unique.

Learn more about Tenerife and it’s many different fascets which prove to be a huge drawcard for families, singles and couples alike, from all around the world below.

Masca ravine.

Situated in the vast Atlantic Ocean off the shores of mainland Africa, Tenerife is the largest of all the Canary Islands formed by ancient deep-sea volcanoes. It only takes a few hours to fly to the Canary Islands from most places in Europe, and Flights to Tenerife can be found at very affordable prices online.

Another benefit is that the currency used in Tenerife, as well as all of the other islands, is still the Euro. Fondly referred to by some who are familiar with the island as the ‘island of eternal spring-time’, Tenerife has gained it reputation from over 30 years of tourist activity which flocks from all around Europe (and the rest of the world) every year to take advantage of the consistantly fine weather.

Playa de las Américas

Whilst much of Europe is deep inside the cold of winter, Tenerife is being drenched with warm sunshine and a beautiful beach-side atmosphere.

Much of the tourist activity occurs around the bottom half of Tenerife, with places like Playa de Las Américas and other popular resorts located at Los Cristianos being very well established. This region has and still is a hot spot for investors in holiday property and so there is a great variety of accommodation options to choose from.

Valle de la Orotava.

When it comes to recreation, there are an abundance of options. If you are right into water activities and particularly water sports, Tenerife has a wide range of exciting things to offer you. Some of the more common activities include sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling, wakeboarding and boating, jetski riding and diving.

Experiences in Tenerife

Another great experience when out on the waters of Tenerife is to see the friendly whales and dolphins that frequently pass through or live around the waters of Tenerife. Canary Islands holidays really do offer a great range of things to see and do for the whole family, and the natural beauty and wonder of this biggest island is what contributes significantly to this.

Even if you don’t want to spend all of your time in, on or around the water, there are numerous other things for you to see and experience while in Tenerife. Venturing into the more interior parts of the island, you will open up a whole new side of Tenerife for exploration.

«We live so short a space of time on this planet that each one of our steps must be directed to build more and more the dream space of utopia. Let’s build it together: it’s the only way to make it possible”.

César Manrique, Canarian artist.





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