You can not lose this

Exemplary punishment, live or deferred

On May 29, 1524, the preachers announced in the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the oath of authorities and people to the discipline of the Tribunal de la Santa Inquisición (Court of the Holy Inquisition).

In the same act, the succession of the inquisitor López de Tribaldos was proclaimed in the person of Martín Jiménez, who held the same responsibilities in Toledo and Seville.

The command of the inquisitor did not allow interference from the Cathedral Council, a circumstance that was endorsed in the same act by Bishop Cabeza de Vaca.

Established in 1504 in Gran Canaria, the Inquisition condemned eleven people on the Island and burned at effigy to 107. The effigy burns occurred when the court had failed to arrest the guilty party and was forced to burn a cloth and straw doll in your representation.

The burned at effigy lost his status as a Christian, was excommunicated and his family was forced to suffer a social ostracism, blamed for having brought a heretic to the world.

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