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El Hierro: amazing timelapses

El Hierro El Hierro.

El Hierro is one of the smallest territories in the Canary Islands. The natural environment of the island is simply sublime. The landscapes await the verdict of your sensitivity.

The island belongs to the group of Canary Islands of Spain. The territory is located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Is also one of the smallest within the group of Canary Islands. The island was declared a Natural Reserve of the Biosphere for its natural and cultural values.

El Hierro: original tourist destination

In the same way the island is an original tourist destination for any type of traveler. Also its landscape combines volcanic spaces with green areas and open crystalline waters on a rugged coastline.

Coast line.

As a result, hundreds of options await the most intrepid and curious visitor. How to walk among its forests, how to refresh yourself in any of its incredible beaches. To walk along the coast, visit its local museums or discover the most original elements of its culture. El Hierro is one of those places that you must see before you die.

Diving in El Hierro

Also, diving is one of the most popular sports activities on the island. The seabed is incredible next to the coast. Proof of this is the protected area of the La Restinga Marine Reserve. In the south of the island.

As a result, the place has an extraordinary marine biodiversity. Ten dive locations in the area guarantee a unique experience for lovers of the seabed.

Time lapse

And now yes, what the title of this post collected. Discover this Canary Island with a video work created with 11,000 photographic images.



El Hierro map

Sergio Suárez Benítez

The island of El Hierro is small in size, but large due to its cultural dimension.”

Sergio Suárez Benítez. Canary Islands destination.

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