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Discovering Lanzarote | Arrecife

This is the current capital of the island of Lanzarote and obtained this title in 1852. With a population of around 56,000, it is actually still not a big city, but it still houses half of the inhabitants of Lanzarote if you don’t count the tourists.

It is a city which was traditionally a fishing village and if you go back in history it was often the target of the various pirates who roamed in these regions.

This has ensured that Arrecife still has some sights from the past, including the famous pirate castle of San Gabriel and the castle Castillo de San José.

El Reducto Beach in Arrecife.

General information about Arrecife

Partly because Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote, this city is also equipped with all things, here you will find the hospital, but also a nice shopping center, market and various museums. In contrast to the rest of the island, you will find several high-rise buildings here, including the highest building on the island, the Arrecife Gran Hotel.

This city is called by various tourists as boring and not touristy and that is partly correct, but the nice thing about this city is that you can taste a bit more of the atmosphere of the local population here instead of the tourism on the rest of the island.

Also as you walk through the streets of Arrecife you will also encounter various street artists and artists with the associated shops. In short, it is a nice day out to go to the capital of Lanzarote.


Helpful Tips for Arrecife

For the beach you do not have to go to Arrecife, although it does have a beach, it is not as beautiful as other well-known beaches on Lanzarote.

What is also nice to visit in Arrecife are of course the castles Castillo de San Gabriel and Castillo de San José, but also the church of San Ginés is a nice recommendation. Furthermore, if you like to shop, Calle León y Castillo is the shopping street you must visit. A day trip to Arrecife is highly recommended for the shop addict.

The wonderful atmosphere that hangs there, a beautiful center with many shops and a nice city beach with many nice restaurants makes Arrecife ideally suited for a day out.

Arrecife Gran Hotel.

Hotels in Arrecife

Despite the fact that mass tourism is not really present in Arrecife, this capital naturally has many hotels. You can also easily set a filter here with our holiday comparator to find the hotel of your choice.

The Arrecife Gran Hotel might even be recommended for a nice faraway view on Lanzarote, but the smaller family hotels are also worth a look. The package holidays often leave Arrecife aside, but if you plan your holiday yourself, I definitely recommend the capital of Lanzarote.

Book your ticket to Lanzarote separately and rent a car is our advice. This way you can enjoy touring the island and also book a few nights to this beautiful city.

More information about Lanzarote

Recommended Activities in Arrecife

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