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Discover Lanzarote: Haría, the Valley of a Thousand Palms!

The town of Haría may not be that big, but it is still one of the most famous places on Lanzarote due to the Valley of a Thousand Palms!

Guess why this valley got its name, namely because of the many palm trees in this area. Due to the present palm trees, but also various other vegetation, this is one of the greenest places on Lanzarote.

The Valley of a Thousand Palms.

Clouds and rain

This is because the valley is located in such a way that compared to the rest of the island there is a relatively large amount of precipitation, because the clouds remain between the mountains, causing more precipitation than on the rest of the island (Information about Lanzarote weather).

It is not officially known whether there are actually a thousand in the valley of the thousand palms, but it is clear when you visit them.


To Haría or not?

If you are purely looking for a lazy sun, sea and beach holiday on Lanzarote, this village is not the place to go. But if you want to see more than just the beaches then it is definitely recommended!

If you also like shopping and markets then our advice is to go to Haria on a Saturday, because on Saturday there is the weekly market where you can taste the local vegetables and other delicacies of Lanzarote in addition to many kinds of souvenirs.


Two well-known squares

Furthermore, if you are in Haría and have not already gotten over it, it is advisable to visit the two well-known squares.

The largest square is ‘Plaza Léon y Castillo’ which is completely car-free and is decorated by beautiful trees with various colors and the smaller square named ‘Plaza de La Constitución”. Both squares are beautifully landscaped and tastefully decorated.

Center of town.

More information about Lanzarote

I recommend this selection of accommodations in Haría. So you can enjoy the most rural tranquility of Lanzarote.

“Wherever you go, go with your heart”.

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