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Cycling routes in El Hierro

cycling routes in El Hierro cycling routes in El Hierro

El Hierro hides so many fantastic hidden places, that one of the best options is to explore the island by mountain bike.

For example, you can make the descent from Malpaso, in which we will descend 1501 meters from the highest peak of the island, right in the center near the towns of El Pinar de El Hierro and La Frontera.

Another of the wonderful bicycle routes in El Hierro goes from the Hoya del Morcillo to the Orchilla Lighthouse. The Orchilla Lighthouse was the zero meridian before Greenwich. The views of the sea at daylight are incredible in Orchilla Lighthouse zone.

Here’s a link to a company that does bike tours in El Hierro.

Experts on bicycle routes in the Canary Islands

And here you have comments from Tristan Bogaard and company, a lovers of cycling routes who describe bicycle routes in El Hierro.

Cycling in El Hierro
Bicycle routes in El Hierro

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