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Cycling holidays in Lanzarote

Cycling holidays in Lanzarote is a real adventure, supplemented with as many rest and beach moments as you want. Enjoy Lanzarote!

The Canary Islands are best known as a relaxing destination full of the well-known ingredients: sun, sea and beach. This is of course partly justified, because Lanzarote and the other islands provide you brilliantly with these conveniences, but you have also come to the right place for a more active holiday.

What do you think of a varied, for example? Cycling holidays in Lanzarote is a real adventure, supplemented with as many rest and beach moments as you want.

cycling on lanzarote
Cycling on Lanzarote.

Popular sport

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in Lanzarote for many reasons. In summer it is a bit too hot for many people to step on the pedals, but between November and May the climate is perfect for exploring the island with your steel steed.

The weather is mild and there is little rainfall, so many amateur cyclists and professionals go into training on the volcanic island. Not only the weather speaks in favor of Lanzarote, but also the breathtaking and varied beauty of the island is convincing more and more cyclists.

It is just a little easier to pedal when you know that after the next corner a beautiful new decor will follow! The big advantage of Lanzarote is that all that natural beauty is compressed into an island that is easy to cycle.

With a length of 58 kilometers and a width of only 20 kilometers, you don’t have to travel astronomical distances to get from A to B or from one point to another.


Landscapes of Lanzarote

By bike you can easily traverse through the most beautiful and different landscapes of Lanzarote. For example, you can tour right through the Timanfaya National Park, a unique volcanic lunar landscape on the southeast side of Lanzarote. Volcano craters and lava fields stir up the bicycle fire in you when you are actually through it.

Did you get hungry from all that cycling or do you want to enjoy this area, which is reminiscent of Mordor from Lord of the Rings? Then stop at the visitor center, because there you will find a restaurant that only cooks on volcanic heat.

There are of course many cycling routes available, but you could drive towards the southern tip after Timanfaya. Just south of the national park you will pass the Salinas de Janubio, the largest salt extraction area in the Canary Islands.

Playa Blanca

From the road you have a beautiful view of these salt pans. If you descend further, you actually cycle straight to Playa Blanca, the most famous and largest beach in Lanzarote.

At the southernmost point of the island you can explore the so-called Papagayo beaches. These seven rugged beaches, separated by volcanic rocks, played an important role in the conquest of the island by the Spanish in the 15th century.

cycling around lanzarote
Cycling around Lanzarote.

Not only the south is worth a bike ride, because the north of the island also has plenty to offer. For example, tour the remarkable green palm valley near the town of Haría.

You can also take beautiful trips to the Mirador del Río viewpoint and Cuevas de los Verdes, a large cave complex on the northeast coast. In addition to all this natural beauty, you can of course also visit nice places all over the island, such as the busy Arrecife or the beautifully situated villages of Orzola and El Golfo.


Cycling in Lanzarote offers something for everyone; Families, mountain bikers and (professional) cyclists can all get their money’s worth on this varied island. You can probably book a multi-day organized tour from your lazy chair in your country, but on Lanzarote itself there are several companies that can help you find the right bike or the perfect route.

Join a group led by guide

You can join a group led by a guide, but it is of course also an option to set off on your own with a bicycle and a map. The price of renting a bicycle on the spot naturally differs per company and the type of bicycle is decisive.

In general, you can go out for about 15 euros a day with a normal bicycle or mountain bike, while a carbon road bike starts from 25 euros. Whatever you choose, cycling is an excellent way to explore Lanzarote!

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