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Tenerife vacation travel guide

Tenerife is an island that you have to discover. Here we present you a complete guide to attractions and places to visit. Do you dare to complete [...]


Why did I come here? I have a friend who always told me I was going to love this place, and another friend who sometimes said: ” You should live in the Canary Islands, they suit perfect for you, is Spain and you will have good weather all year long”. But I didn`t pay [...]

A Triangular Shadow of a Large Volcano

Why does the shadow of this volcano look like a triangle? The Mount Teide volcano itself does not have the strictly pyramidal shape that its geometric shadow might suggest. The triangle shadow phenomena is not unique to the Mt. Teide, though, and is commonly seen from the tops of other large mountains and volcanoes. A […]A Triangular Shadow of a Large [...]


Karen Naranjo Gomez I will speak about Tenerife island, it is in Canary Islands in Spain and ,as we know, it is surrounded by the atlantic ocean. First of all, you cannot miss the experience at Siam Park and pass between sharks in the Tower of power. The only attraction of Siam Park where you […]TENERIFE, ADVENTURE ISLAND — [...]