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Canarian Heritage

A legacy of all Canarian times

Balcony in Santa Cruz de La Palma

The architectural and artistic heritage of the Canary Islands, real and immmaterial, is formed by an extraordinary and varied set of constructions, elements, forms and formulas that summarize the trends and habitabily needs of the islanders at the last 2,500 years.

Typologies adapted to weather conditions, and, above all, to the scarce resources available in the Islands. From the time of the first settlers who inhabited caves; stone houses or necropolis and sacred places and objects; to the constructive contributions arrived at the Islands at all times. The Canary Islands were, for centuries, a peripheral corner where building formulas were still being implemented when they had ceased to be conceptual references in Europe or in the nearby Africa.

The Alfombras in La Orotava

A heritage in sight

Traits and peculiar influences that are seen today in urban planning, in streets and squares, in churches and in civil and military constructions, in monuments and even in public and private gardens.

The historical centers of towns, villages and cities such as La Laguna, La Orotava, Teguise, Betancuria, Vegueta in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Santa Cruz de La Palma are a sample of all these influences.

Castle St. Barbara in Lanzarote

In many cases, the art in these spaces is limited, but they are original readings of late Gothic, of the neoclassical, historicism that was vanguard for the nineteenth-century mercantile bourgeoisie, or the regionalism.

Nor should we forget the infinite sets of minor historical heritage of the Canary Islands that delight the most curious travelers: mills, fountains, urban furniture or saltworks on the coast that must be discovered in each from the corners of the Canary Islands.

The architectural and artistic heritage of the Canary Islands today leaves a trace of uniqueness in the most modern buildings that, now, stand up with their adjusted chronology and that express the desire of the Canaries to leave signs of identity in their time.

In this map, you can locate the most representative heritage elements, but also the least known of the Canary Islands.

Architecture, natural monuments, enclaves with unique fauna and flora, sculptures, material and intangible heritage worthy of being found and enjoyed.

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