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Canarian Gastronomy

Canarian gastronomy in a thousand pleasures

Sancocho canario
Sancocho canario.

Canarian cuisine is one of the most original and cosmopolitan in Spain. It gathers dishes of clear peninsular ancestry, but there is no shortage of dishes that could pass through Latin Americans or Africans, but without forgetting many island and charmingly original notes.

The Canary Islands is a land touched by a privileged climate that produces fruits at any time of the year, many of them tropical. At the Canarian table, there is no lack of fish. Canarian cuisine is tasty and succulent, but also simple and light.

A cuisine as great as simple that has wrinkled potatoes (potatoes) as one of its hallmarks, potatoes that are shared on the island table with an irreplaceable spicy sauce, mojo picón. A mojo picón that is prepared with a few basic components but of which there are countless incredibly varied recipes. Mojos to savor them in the company of other dishes, or alone, to take them cold or to animate a hot stew (mojo cochino).


Another distinctive component of Canarian cuisine is gofio, a wheat flour, millet (corn), barley or other roasted grains that was the basis of the food of the first pre-Hispanic settlers of the Canary Islands. The gofio eats in a variety of ways, in pellets, forming part of sweets, scalding, in stripes, with milk, even in powder as decoration and seasoning in confectionery. The gofio used to be a substitute for bread on the table, accompanying fish and other traditional dishes such as sweet canary sausages.

Mojo picón
Mojo picón.

The Canary Islands is an island region and the sea is present in its kitchen in a natural way, with its fish, roasts or in broth, with its stew, with its jareas or in the stews. Octopuses and seafood are eaten according to original recipes.

The simplest version of the Canary Island cuisine is starred in stews with legumes, chickpeas and beans, with watercress stew being the most popular. Potajes that must be eaten with local cheeses as ‘conduto’ (accompaniment) Goat cheese from Fuerteventura, smoked from La Palma or from Flor de Guía, sheep and cow.

Among the fruits, especially the banana, which is exported to Europe and is recognized for its sweetness and its intense flavor when consumed fresh. Fried plantains represent one of the recipes of the original island cuisine.

The Canarian wines have a historical reputation, in the pages of Shakespeare’s literature, homage was made to the Canarian Malvasia, sweet wine from the land. But we must not forget the extraordinary red wines of Tacoronte, the wines of El Hierro and La Palma but also the whites produced in the region of La Geria on volcanic soils on the island of Lanzarote. Rums and distillates of rum and honey rum are other bottled pleasures.

A thousand pleasures to discover, plate by plate, flavor to taste.

Plato de gofio escaldado
Gofio escaldado

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