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Buy in Canary Islands

 Buy in the Canary Islands and give away island sensations

Calle Castillo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Castillo Street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Approaching the Islands and not taking a souvenir, a gift for the home, does not make a trip to the Canary Islands authentic. There is much to choose from, much to surprise. Crafts, unique experiences in the Canary Islands to give away, unforgettable activities to share and places to find what we know that fascinates and likes.

In shopping centers that honor the cosmopolitanism of the Canary Islands with a wide variety of products. In markets, where it is possible to find fruits, yes tropical ones little seen but that are grown in the Islands, but also products that are traditional on the table and in the island pastry.

Canarian gifts in terms of flavors, aromas, textures, in terms of sensations. Soaps and original perfumes made with native plants of the Canary Islands. Jewelry with exquisite designs that reproduce motifs of the decorative imagery of the first settlers of the Canary Islands. You have to see them.

For the more traditional, for those who want something different, there are the oil and vinegar stores, grocery stores or traditional grocery stores in the island towns where, in addition to acquiring genuine products of the land, you can talk and meet the people of the place.

Buying in the Canary Islands can be an experience for the senses. You just have to dare to discover.

Mercado canario
Canary market products.

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