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Beaches in Jandia from a drone view – Fuerteventura HD ūüöĀ

Jandia beaches Jandía beaches.

Discover the beaches in Jandia. The Jandía peninsula, south of Fuerteventura, offers you an impressive variety of beaches.

While on the east coast around Morro Jable and Costa Calma you will find well-developed beaches with numerous hotels nearby, true wonders of nature await you on the rugged west coast of the peninsula.

Beaches in Jandia: Cofete

Playa de Cofete, for example, stretches for 11 km in an impressive setting. Thanks to this diversity, the beaches of Jandía are popular with families, couples. And singles and lovers of water sports. Because there is something for everyone.

Jandia beaches

If you like surfing and kiteboarding, you will feel at home on the Jandía peninsula. There are many opportunities for water sports and even the Surfing World Cup is held annually at Playa de Sotavento in Jandía.

Beaches in Jandia: Esquinzo to Costa Calma

The long and well-developed sandy beaches on the east coast of Jandía in the mid-1960s were decisive for the slow start of tourism on the peninsula. The entire coastline of the beach is about 21 km long from Morro Jable through Esquinzo to Costa Calma. The beaches are very well developed and have a lot to offer. There are many beach hotels near the beaches of Jandia.

Jandia beaches in Fuerteventura

Whether in Playa de Matorral, Playa Butihondo or Playa de Costa Calma Рon the beaches of the east coast of Jandía almost all the target groups get their money. Because here you can build sand castles with the family, relax on a comfortable deck chair, lounge on the nude beach in the seamless tan or play beach volleyball with your friends.

And you will also find a lot to do in the water: Surfers, windsurfers and kiters will find numerous points of interest on the Jandía peninsula. Among the most famous are Playa de la Barca and Risco del Paso, which form a beautiful lagoon at high tide. In the middle of the beach there is a lighthouse.

Jandia beaches Fuerteventura: North and West

The north and west of the peninsula are mostly rocky and unspoiled. According to this, the beaches are also very impressive. Experienced surfers especially feel at home here.

While in the west of the peninsula you will find many small bays, such as Playa la Rajita or Playa de los Ojos, a gigantic beach awaits you on the north coast of the peninsula: Playa de Cofete.

After an adventure trip through the captivating nature of Jandía, you will discover a virgin beach 11 km long that invites you to long walks through nature. The Sierra de Jandías extends around the beach.

Beaches in Jandia: video Fuerteventura 4K

These are the loneliest beaches on the Jandía peninsula in Fuerteventura. Incredible views taken from a drone and HD. This is Fuerteventura.



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