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Accessible and Limited Mobility Tourism in Tenerife

As far back as 1993 the Cabildo de Tenerife (Tenerife Government) established the Society for the Promotion of Disabled People on the Island, which attempts to integrate everyone into society. They have a list of public and private areas, beaches, theme parks, hotels, etc. which allow those with a limited mobility to enjoy themselves. From its site you can obtain information on access conditions to establishments with specially adapted facilities.

Although the text is in Spanish it is colour coded Green for no restrictions, Yellow for the ones that are practicable with help and Red for those that are inaccessible. This makes it very easy to understand even without knowing the language.

Run your cursor over the map and select an area, there is no need to be specific as to what you are looking for, just hit the ‘Buscar’ (search button) and a whole host of activities, places to stay, bars etc. will be displayed.

Transport is another area covered and includes contact details for suitable taxis, car rental companies and of course Titsa, the island public bus service, are slowly introducing new buses with electric and automatics ramps to make it easy for wheelchair access.

Tenerife South airport also offers first class assistance so for those who require it, request assistance at least 48 hours before flight. You can find all the details here.

As those of us who live here know, Tenerife offers all kinds of options for enjoying your holiday and can be a barrier free paradise for those with limited mobility.

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