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A week in Canary Islands

Discover  Canary Islands. Discover why each of the Canary Islands is special. The Canary Islands are perfect for a week of vacation.

Among all the five huge islands you’ll find La Palma as the most beautiful and absolutely untouched. The only thing which separates it from the rest was, its not so perfect climate.

The place is lush green but wet most of the times. The place is hardly 200 kilometers away from West of Africa and Brazil is the nearest land to island’s west.


Tenerife and Gran Canaria

You’ll find the central islands, Tenerife and Gran Canaria to be the liveliest of all. The terrific beach activity and ceaseless night life on these islands are the real secrets behind their popularity.

I seriously advise you to forget about all other holiday canters and relish the exotic natural beauty on these quite and marvelous islands. You’ll find them apt for relaxing your strained nerves and an escape from maddening crowds.


Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria proudly exhibits its horticulture including innumerable exotic fruits, crops and trees. You’ll surprise to see such vast and well maintained banana plantations. 

There are plenty of orange grooves and canarian palm forests on the island. You’ll enjoy these awesome contrasts and you’ll have fortunate enough to relish the fresh fruits from the braches namely mangoes, avocadoes and papayas.

It is approximately a forty kilometer stretch from north to south and offers a splendid view of volcanic mountains, desert areas, tropical forests and golden beaches.



Fuerteventura on the other hand is the oldest and offers the longest beaches among all. It’s much of night life here but the place can be classified as a perfect destination for those families and couples, who plan to spend a nice sunny holiday during winters.


The canaries to be a mixture of wonderful contrasts and feel that it can cater to a huge variety of interests among tourists.

The place simply offers anything and everything; let it be frantic beaches, all-night clubs, exotic hotels, foam parties or fish and chip shoes. The place can provide with a non-stop entertainment for all age groups.

“Traveling is not arriving at a place, it is opening a path”.

Sergio Suárez, Canary Islands destination.

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