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The painter’s doubts

The canarian painter Antonio Padrón (1920-1968) repudiated most of the thirty paintings he completed between 1960 and [...]

Exemplary punishment, live or deferred

On May 29, 1524, the preachers announced in the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the oath of authorities and people to the discipline of the Tribunal de la Santa Inquisición (Court of the Holy [...]

Airport Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia’s Guide

Located in the southeast of the Tenerife within 30 kms. of all the southern resorts and 64 kms. from the capital of Santa Cruz, Tenerife South airport is a modern, busy international airport handling over 8 million passengers a year. [...]

Fiestas in Canary Islands

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Canary fiestas to celebrate identities La Danza de los Enanos, Santa Cruz de La Palma. The Canarian festivities are one of the most genuine expressions of the liveliness of the culture and soul of the islanders. They are inheritances, formulas of collective authentication, and, of course, different and original ways of having fun, socializing and claiming traditions and legacies. The oldest Canarian festivities are, of course, those that sink their roots in the pre-Hispanic past, which, despite the time, still retain diffuse features of their origins, as with the Fiesta del Charco on the island of Gran Canaria or with the beñesmer who, with different orientations, try to recover sports and recreational activities of the ancient canaries. However, carnivals are the most celebrated and internationalized Canarian festivals, such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Although, if it is about finding the essences of the traditions, you have to go to the local carnivals [...]